About Permanent Makeup by Lauren 

Permanent Make-up saves time and simplifies your life. You can wake up feeling good about how you look. Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for the busy person who is tired of fussing with makeup throughout the day, for the athletic or outdoor person who does not want to look bare or risk their makeup sweat or smear off, and for those with oily skin whose topical makeup tends to disappear after a short time. Permanent makeup is also helpful to those with allergies to conventional cosmetics, those with visual impairment or shaky hands, and those with other disabilities that have difficulty applying makeup. Permanent makeup simplifies your life and helps you to look your best ALL THE TIME.

Having worked as massage therapist for over 20 years and now as a permanent makeup artist, I have come to appreciate the core talents shared by therapists and designers. Both must look and listen for patterns and structure while visualizing the potential of beauty presented to them. 

My overall goal is to enhance ones natural beauty and to accentuate those characteristics by skillfully combing art, color and technical skill. Essential to my work ethic is valued input from my clients to determine their clear expectations so they can be fully involved in the process of their transformation.

I reside in Austin, Texas where I revel in the warm weather and sunshine. I’m also actively involved in the local Austin music scene volunteering at One World Theater as a House Manager. Talent never ceases to amaze and inspire me. I’m also a self proclaimed gifted cook and gardener which incorporate my love of creating works of art out of the most basic of elements evailable. I travel as often as I can and I’m currently owned by 2 dogs, 3 cats and a cockatoo and 20 chickens.

I grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest living in a log cabin and was an avid equestrian in my teens. In my 20’s I moved to Napa Valley living among vineyards and was surrounded by nature, art,  creativity, great food and the finest wine in the world, embracing the charm & culture of “wine country”  working as a winery tour guide and waiter/bartender.  I later  became a massage therapist and maintained a private practice for many years in Washington, New Mexico and Texas. Chronic injuries gradually pushed me to consider and alternative to bodywork. Coming into the field of cosmetic tattooing started out as a sideline and grew into a passionate career move in the late 90’s.

I've been in private practice doing Permanent Makeup since 1999 and LICENSED  by the Texas Dept of Health

License #0098496