Services Offered 

Permanent Makeup combines art and science to produce semi-permanent enhancements by tattooing pigments into the skin to accentuate the color and shape of eyes, brows and lips. The entire process involves  an initial consultation, 1st application, and up a follow up session at 6-8 weeks to refine the shape and color. Topical anesthetics are used to numb the area for comfort. You may experience some slight temporary discomfort but most clients describe it as minimal. Pigments are iron oxide based and hypoallergenic. Allergic reactions to pigments are extremely rare in cosmetic tattooing. Needles used to implant pigments are pre-sterilized and disposable for "one use only" applications to eliminate risk of cross contamination. Procedures are performed in a clean sanitary environment with safety the highest priority. 

   Brows - Microblade/Microstroke or Powder

Microstroke Eyebrows produce the most natural looking brows.

This hand method uses an ultra fine row of  needles to gracefully

etch one hair stroke at a time.  For those that prefer a more

shaded look then a soft powder effect can be created. Design is

drawn on and mapped out first to ensure symmetry & shape to

create a beautiful frame for your face.  

$625 (includes 1 complementary touch up)

Additional color booster within 3 months $150

Maintenance touchup $250 *existing clients only


Basic Eyeliner 

(includes 1 complementary touch up)

Top & Bottom           $475

Top Only                    $300

Bottom Only              $300

(Extra bold or mucosal eyeliners often require

and extra touch up to complete)

Additional color booster within 3 months $150

Maintenance touch up *existing clients only

 $200 upper/lower - $125  for upper OR lower only

Lash Enhancement 

(includes 1 complementary touch up)

Upper & lower           $400

Top Only                    $250

Bottom Only              $250

Maintenance touch up $125-$175


Lip Shading & Lip Liner

(includes 1 complementary touch up)

If you have ANY history of cold sores,  you

must obtain a prescription for an anti-viral

medication to prevent an onset for all lip procedures

One color                       $600

3-D multi color             $650

Blended Lip Liner        $550

Additional Color booster  $150 (within 3 months)

Maintenance touch up $300

Areola Repigmentation

$500/per areola (includes 1 complementary touch up)

Maintenance (existing clients only)

 Maintenance touch ups are recommended every 12-18 months or "as needed".

If it's been more than 3 years, then it would be considered a "new" procedure to restore the color to its original state.

If you've had permanent makeup done by another technician I require a consultation in person to quote a fee. 


Consult required to quote corrective work 




Maintenance touch up

Consultation is FREE.  A deposit of $100 is taken at the time of booking your procedure

No small children are allowed in the studio  

I offer 10% OFF Military discount, OR 10% Cash discount

(cannot be combined)

My cancellation policy is at least 24 hours advance notice. Short notice cancellations

and "no shows" are subject to a $75 re-booking fee.   My time is valuable